Located in Warehouse 30, a trendy community project in the creative district of Charoen Krung, Bangkok, Aurum Gallery is set to open its doors and welcome art lovers from Saturday 4 July 2020.

Inspired by New York’s golden era of graffiti culture in the 1980s, the 528sqm gallery will be a celebration of Goldie’s lifetime passion and career as an influential contributor to the art scene, spanning over three decades.

Some of the world’s most influential artists in the scene will be joining Goldie in exhibiting and selling their art at Aurum Gallery, including Vhils, Belin, Saturno, Ben Eine, Odeith, Bio and Crash to name a few. The gallery will not only exhibit the work of internationally lauded artists, but also hopes to unearth and celebrate a growing and exciting pool of local and regional talent such as P7, Benzilla, Jecks and Wal Chirachaisakul.

Aurum Gallery will also house an incredible live workshop space that can showcase these artists in action and provide master classes to aspiring talent. The gallery plans to hold events on a regular basis, allowing art enthusiasts to be completely immersed in the process of creation.

By presenting the legendary works of established artists alongside boundary-pushing pieces by fresh faces, Aurum Gallery hopes to bring something new and exciting to the burgeoning art scene in South East Asia.