Delicacy of women from Bublegum


Aurum Gallery are thrilled to have the amazing Bublegum in our collection!

Tirso Paz, whose alter ego is Bublegum, is a graffiti and tattoo artists born in Lugo, Spain, in 1988. Since the artist first touched a spray can in 2004, he has left his mark on hundreds of walls around the world.

Bublegum started, like many others, with tags, sketches and lettering. He has been inspired by various things over the years, but the female form has always been a constant in his art.

Currently, he likes to play with the delicacy of women and experiments with different lighting and textures, mixing them with tags and smoke. Flowers are also a prominent part of his work, sometimes featuring alone and sometimes superimposed on faces.

For Bublegum, versatility and creativity are fundamental in order to continue innovating and taking on challenges. He works with multiple techniques such as acrylic paint, airbrushing and tattooing. An extremely versatile artist, he has turned his passion for graffiti into a lifestyle.