(British, 1970)

Tom Bingle aka Inkie, has emerged as one of the most prolific graffiti writers in UK history working across fashion, jewellery, design and the visual arts. He received International recognition following his infamous role in the 1989 UK police raid ‘Operation Anderson’. Noted as the largest UK graffiti bust, Inkie was identified as the ‘Kingpin’, and was arrested along with 72 other graffiti writers.

Inkie’s work is characterised by a unique collaboration of graffiti and figurative imagery. His widely recognised style draws on Art Nouveau influences with an unmistakeable urban twist; portraits of beautiful women are usually accompanied by poignant words or phrases; faces are understated, almost anime and are framed with his iconic stylised flowing hair.

He has worked as head of design for SEGA Europe, Xbox and until recently, worked as Jade Jagger’s in-house designer whilst also running a print and design studio. His work is coveted by celebrity followers including Robbie Williams, Jade Jagger, Fatboy Slim and Sean Pertwee and has exhibited worldwide both on the streets and in galleries from Los Angeles and Paris to Tokyo and Moscow.