Introducing Benzilla to our collection


Aurum Gallery Bangkok has the pleasure of introducing Benzilla as part of our collection.

Parinya Sirisinsuk, better known through his pen name Benzilla, is a renowned street artist based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Benzilla’s art is influenced by pop culture, street culture, music and fashion. His work transcends mediums, fusing into platforms such as mural art, sculpture, toys and product design.

He is perhaps most recognised for his three-eyed character, LOOOK, which appears in almost all of his artworks. Inspired by sci-fi movies and mysterious beings, LOOOK was created directly from his intuition and emotions. “When I draw this character, I feel a sense of hope and its three eyes represent me looking towards to the future.”

The artist’s work has been exhibited all over Bangkok, and he has collaborated with numerous big name brands such as Moet Chandon, Adidas, G-Shock, and V.A.C. Saucony.