Introducing Matt J Adams to Aurum


Aurum Gallery Bangkok is pleased to introduce Matt J Adams as part of our collection.

London Based artist Matt J Adams’ work primarily focuses on story telling.

An emerging face in the art scene, Adams is completely self-taught. His style mixes a ‘stencil – street art’ feel with written poetry, traditional illustration and a number of multi media techniques.

Incorporating pressed and dried flowers into his work, Adams often paints on objects he feels “already have a sense of the past…an instant feel of history. To me, the most powerful pieces of art, music, poetry and film are the ones that mean nothing and absolutely everything at the exact same time. Moments where the audience find their own meaning regardless of the intent.”

Whether the story is in the power of an expression, the look in an eye, the silence of a moment or the words of his poems, Adams creates art for the audience to find their own stories within.