(American, 1951)

Keithen Carter is a versatile American artist who refined his craft at the Chicago Art Institute. Excelling not only in painting but also in crafting soulful music that captivates audiences across the globe.

Raised in a family of artists, with an opera-singer mother and a painter father, creativity was ingrained in his upbringing. Despite his formal art education, Keithen emphasises the transformative nature of life, asserting that his previous studies haven’t confined his artistic expressions. He believes in constant self-evolution, stating, ‘Life has a way of evolving; we reinvent ourselves, we grow and we change.’

Keithen Carter has attained legendary status, marked by a Grammy Award-winning discography and collaborations with iconic acts like Earth, Wind & Fire and Madonna.

His art has graced renowned venues such as the Holy Name Cathedral and First Presbyterian Church in Chicago, along with Our Lady of Riverside in California. A five-year stint of his own gallery ‘Primitive Circle’ in Bucktown, Chicago, showcased the expansive range of his artistic prowess in both visual arts and music alike.