(Thai, 1969)

P7 is a Bangkok based artist and designer whose work showcases his self-taught style merging contemporary fine art with a street sensibility. P7 works all over Thailand and has exhibited internationally.

P7 likes to pick places that not normally fit for contemporary art. He feels that the older the wall he paints, the better is his creation. P7 has a dark sense of humour with thematic influences ranging from cartoons to classic novels. His work is often playful and disturbing at the same time. In some works P7 is replicating reality at an intimidating level but in most he is playing with the childlike nature of cartoon like shapes, colours, and figures.

At the surface his artwork looks like street art but it also takes the form of graffiti. It’s a design cluster with a lot of minor details inside of it. It’s not intended to tell a story or interact with its surroundings.

Through gaining a reputation of beautifying some of the less attractive walls in Thailand, he has gained the right to illustrate some of the most sought after. P7 has become almost an in-house artist at the best place in the country to see contemporary art, the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. P7 has participated in several of the collaborative murals in the building and he designed the playful Tiger-head sculptures at the front entrance.