The amazing .EPOD at Aurum Gallery


Next up on Aurum Gallery Bangkok’s roster of amazing artists is .EPOD! We are extremely happy to be able to show his artworks in our collection.

Hugely influenced by graffiti, concept paintings and fine art, .EPOD’s work is a fusion of all 3 elements, making it instantly recognisable and unique.

Based in London, England and born on the outskirts of the city on a high-rise estate, .EPOD’s love for urban city life and industrial architecture inspired him to begin drawing landscapes and figures from a young age. Working over the years as a painter, illustrator, technical draftsman and a fashion designer has greatly influenced his technique and style.

Fully-immersed in the 90’s underground street art and music scene, .EPOD very quickly established himself as an artist and has travelled globally working on various projects ever since.