The talented Toni Cogdell


Aurum Gallery Bangkok is very excited to feature Toni Cogdell’s artwork in our collection.

Hailing from Bristol, England, Cogdell is known for her arresting figurative paintings. She has honed her artistic process and techniques to give voice to her expression, and a personal style that seeks to connect with the world around her.

Her work focuses on human images and familiar objects that reveal themselves through the haze of daily life. Painting intuitively, in the space between figuration and abstraction, Cogdell finds a freedom which allows her to go deeper into the intangible substance of the psyche and human condition without restricting or enforcing definitive ideas.

“These themes are the crux of my work, meandering across the territory of the Human Condition, exploring the constant dialogue, contrasts and tensions between the lives we lead and the lives we feel, our outer and inner worlds, the spaces between the parts.”

Cogdell has exhibited her works across the UK and internationally.