‘Natural Movement’


Acrylic, water-based enamel and airbrush on canvas

A solid figure disassembles creating letter shapes, and the letters fall or jump out in a movement that seems to be natural, a movement of water and a game of depth forming the name of the artist ED-MUN. Many movements are formed creating a flow and one of these pieces forms the letter S in the centre of the name, entering the depth of the letter U and leaving the depth of the letter N. Referring to the sun. The choice of colours is a contrast between orange and turquoise, reminiscent of water and that is why we have water bubbles at the bottom right of the canvas, which brings the meaning of life. the green colour is in the foreground, it is on top of the whole drawing, creating a movement that comes out and returns to the canvas, reminiscent of the organic nature contrasting with the solid holes.